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What is an Access Control system

Access Control Systems are designed for commercial or industrial properties that require a carefully planned security access system with multiple users having access to keys. An Access Control System allows you to customise each key to allow access for each user as required.

Salisbury Locksmiths can install and maintain Access Control Systems in Adelaide for your business or warehouse to ensure the security and accessibility of your premises is well managed. We are able to add new door locking systems to your Access Control System plan as required or assist with any issues you may have with your system.

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Benefits of an Access Control System

There are a range of benefits when installing an Access Control System for your business or warehouse. Some of the main reasons our clients consider Access Control Systems in Adelaide to be most beneficial are:

Electronic Access Control without the need for wiring
Fast & easy installation – no need to replace the entire lock, only the lock cylinder itself.
Easily altered access permissions for various users
Access permissions can be updated remotely
Easily replaced standard battery
Dual security, both mechanical and electronic
How to Manage an Access Control System in Adelaide

Access Control Systems have a web based software with a user-friendly compatibility making it easy to update and alter access or permission for various users when required.  It accessible via Internet from a web browser which makes it easy for the administrators to login and change the access rights for the user keys.

Salisbury Locksmiths use Access Control Systems that have electronics embedded directly inside the key and the core of the lock cylinder for easy control. The battery is inserted into the Access Control key and is the only power source required to operate the lock and key system.

Consequently, the intelligent cylinder installs with ease, just like a mechanical cylinder.

How Do Access Control Systems Work?

Access control systems are similar to the use of a mechanical locking system. The only difference is the appearance of the key and sound signal given to the key holder when a  key is inserted into the cylinder. The electronics in the key and cylinder cause a small delay of 0.1 seconds before the key can be turned after the key insertion.

Trusted Brands

Salisbury Locksmiths recommend trusted brands that meet Australian standards when considering an access control system. We recommend brands such as ABLOY & Eka Cyber Lock to ensure your property is secured with the latest technology in place.

For more information on Access Control for your commercial property, contact Salisbury Locksmiths in Adelaide on (08) 8349 0890. 

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